Main Street’s Newest Gallery

Park City Gallery Association | Gaia on Main

Gaia on Main’s Grand Opening

It’s not an easy feat starting a business in today’s challenging business environment. But that didn’t take into account the enthusiasm displayed by the owners of Main Street’s newest gallery — Gaia on Main — located at 314 Main Street near the upper, or southern end, of this historic and attractive shopping district.

Gaia on Main offers an inviting space that currently features the artwork of Dorit Schwartz exclusively. Her works are displayed at the front of the gallery, illuminated by the soft afternoon sunlight cascading over the nearby mountains. They beckon passersby to enjoy her unique and unusual sculptures.

Park City Gallery Association | Gaia on Main

Dorit Schwartz is a Las Vegas-based artist who revels in working with such rare mediums as crystals, raw stone, and reclaimed wood. Her work showcases these materials and their natural values while creating new forms of art by fusing together disparate elements and enhancing their collective beauty. Schwartz’s sublime sculptures lyrically express spiritual enhancement and power, of nature and our world. This is poetic ekphrasis — telling the tale, in physical terms, of the invisible — a vision of unity and transparency.

Koral Zeytoni, gallery manager and part owner, is bright, cheerful and full of energy — just the mix to draw attention to their Grand Opening in December 2020. Her staff reflected this energy, as Main Street pedestrian traffic was drawn in with their welcoming attitudes to enjoy the beautiful art space and the incredible sculptures available for sale. The rear of their space is also dedicated to personal care products. Gaia on Main endeavors to showcase beauty — both on the outside and the inside.  

Park City Gallery Association | Gaia on MainZeytoni was quick to recognize the distinct advantages for her gallery offered by the Park City Gallery Association and joined just in time for their Grand Opening. While making adjustments to the gallery, Koral noticed our video team while they were shooting just next door at David Beavis Fine Art. She approached the video team and after some discussion and last minute shuffling was able to have her gallery included in their tight schedule — and you can see the fruits of their labor on their Gain on Main’s webpage. Again, you have to give this new gallery kudos for it’s great management and their enthusiasm. They will make a great addition to our family of galleries and to Park City’s Main Street experience.

Gaia on Main invites you stop in to see our amazing sculptures and lithographs.