A true Studio Gallery, Lunds Fine Art boasts a live painting workspace where the public is welcome to watch renowned artist Allen Lund work on oil paintings nightly, or peruse over 400 pieces of original art and thoughtful, handmade gifts. Experience the variety of traditional and contemporary art carried, including pieces by Allen, Nancy and James Lund, as well as Lanny Barnard, Scott Rogers, Richard Hall, Jenny Foster, David Volsic, Robert Behr, Gedion Nyanhongo, Karen Ahlgren, Paul Murray, Jennifer Dawes, Jennifer Vranes Cary Henrie and more. From the diversity of Allen Lund’s painting styles to Rogers’ intricate bronzes and Nyanhongo’s one-of-a-kind sculptures, Lunds Fine Art has an amazing selection of the art you love.

Lunds Fine Art Gallery

591 Main Street

Evening Glow

Evening Glow
By Allen Lund